Frequently asked questions:

1) How much notice do you require for online reservation?

- 12 hours or more before the pick up time.

2) What happens after i finish online reservation form?

- Your trip will be posted in our callendar and driver will call you upon arrival. You will receive a reservation confirmation text message to customer cell phone number within 12 hours.

3) How do I find my driver at Boston Logan Airport?

- Driver will be waiting for you at Boston Logan Airport Limo Pool, marked in every terminal of the airport. Once your plane was landed, you will receive a phone call from driver. We will also send you a text message with driver name and cell phone number in case you would like to speak with driver directly.

4) What is your cancellation policy?

- All reservations are final and non-refundable. If you cancel reservation or customer no show, you will be charged 100% of rate expected. Please make sure you need transportation services, before placing a reservation.

5) What are the waiting time charges?

- Going to Boston Logan Airport, there is 15 minutes of free waiting time. Going from Boston Logan Airport, there is 30 minutes of free waiting time. Clients exceeding free waiting time will be charged $60.

6) What are the charges for early morning or late night pick up?

- Reservations with pick up time between the hours 8.00PM-5.00AM will be charged $35.

7) How much tips/gratuity drivers expect?

- With respect to the services we provide, there is 20% tips/gratuity standard rate. We ensure our clients, driver get's paid hourly plus receiving 20% gratuity.